Is the first jewelry factory in Angola, was founded at the end of 2011 and become the leader in the market

Pedra Rubra manufacture jewelry and  commercialization. Its partners have more than 35 years of experience in the sale of rough diamonds, diamond jewelry making, one of them owning the first Angolan company to sell diamonds in the local market in the 1990 s, while the other was the director of the first unit Of diamonds produced in Angola “APD”, and also directed diamond production plants in Namibia, India, ULD and Israel.

Our workers

To hire the best professionals in the country and in the world to produce the best national pieces and thus contribute to the actual emergence of jewelry companies, to contribute to the diamond sub sector and subsequently generate more jobs for Angolans.

Objectives of the company

The company produce high-quality jewelry of international standard, with wax models of the construction phase and stone planning, gold casting with the latest technology in the market, which will allow increased production, and develop annually Hundreds of new models that cater to the tastes and capacities of the various buyers, with a variety of proposed models that harmoniously combine classic and modern design. The most important criterion of our company will be the speed and flexibility in working with partners, as well as the best value and quality of the products to be offered.

One of the main characteristics of the factory would be the purchase of raw diamonds, the manufacture of jewelry with exclusive diamond collections, and the subsequent sale of the product to the public. It would also buy old gold to turn into new products.

Jewelry making will be rigorously controlled in every step from obtaining the raw material for jewelry through the latest brushstrokes inflicted by exclusive jewelry manufacturers to finished products of high artistic level and designed for any buyer, corporate and exclusive jewelry made For individual orders in 14 carat white, yellow and red gold (575 American gold), 18 Karats  (750 gold) and 19.2 carats (801 gold Portuguese).

In conclusion, a factory that would guarantee the quality of its services, and that would be able to realize with sophisticated technological resources and indisputable merit, artistic works created with “gold & diamond” by the hands of true masters.