PEDRA RUBRA  showroom is located in Luanda Angola . MAINGA, XYIMA SHOPPING CENTER, DUTY FREE AT THE ARIPORT easily accessible from any Conner.

PEDRA RUBRA  is a well-respected and trusted family jeweler that has become steadfast in the Angola jewelry industry. Our vast inventory of diamonds, engagement rings, and bridal jewelry is updated every day, and is ever-changing. From modern, to more traditional styles, PEDRA RUBRA has something to meet everyone’s needs and budget.

What makes the difference at our store is a dedicated, highly knowledgeable team of professionals. Helping our clients find the perfect, timeless ring of their dreams makes each and every one of us happy every time! There is no guesswork here. Guiding you through the process of narrowing down endless options to a piece that fits your finger, your style, your budget, and your life, is something we take personally.

While we are experts at providing every little detail, video, photo, phone call, and email in working with our convenient, online shopping experience, there is nothing like PEDRA RUBRA’s in-store process. From working with loose diamonds, to designing pieces using our giant touchscreen, iPads, iPhones, and full set of CZ sizing rings, the showroom provides a hands-on, personalized path to designing your most cherished piece of jewelry.

Whether you are just browsing, or ready to produce your piece, please do come see us!